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GoDork.com is all about great games for everyone. Play only the best games in categories such as Action, Adventure, Driving, Puzzles, Shooting, Sports and Strategy.

We hope to make an exciting, enjoyable, and entertaining website for all to enjoy. Our objective is to be your destination of choice for playing free online games. Why are we different than the other online game websites?

Great Dedication:

We are dedicated to providing our players the best online gaming experience on the internet! Visit every day to discover new games, achieve high scores, and participate in one of the most active gaming communities.

Great Games:

GoDork has a vast selection of great online games. Most all of which are FREE! We know that the best games ensures the best visitor experience so we are committed to this.

Great Support:

We love to hear from our users. We are always listening to suggestions and trying to raise the bar. Feel free to drop us an email anytime with suggestions or questions!

Great Equipement:

No matter how good your website is, if it’s not fast and reliable, no one will enjoy it. We have gone the extra mile to use high quality servers and equipment ensuring that our websites are ready when you are.